Medical Billing Medical Billing Services
Medical Billing Services
Medical Billing Specialists
Medical Billing Los Angeles
Medical Billing Specialists
Medical Billing Los Angeles
Medical Billing Specialists
Medical Billing Los Angeles
Medical Billing Los Angeles

Why Use Ashron

Comprehensive practice solutions

Today’s practices are facing increasing pressures to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, deal with complicated and constantly changing regulations, battle with insurance companies for timely and just payments and manage ever increasing patient portions that are becoming much harder to collect.

To be successful, practices have to look beyond just medical billing solutions. They have to look at comprehensive practice solutions. And that’s, where we come in!

Knowledge and Experience

Ashron Billing, Inc, is a premier medical billing corporation with over 20 years of experience serving the California market. We are a team of seasoned, experienced professionals who assist physicians in on going medical billing services and the management of their practices so they can focus on what is paramount: Taking care of their patients!

Since 1988, Ashron Billing has been providing a wide array of services for practices including billing and collections, financial reporting and analysis, practice setups, practice management, contracting services with insurance carriers, compliance monitoring, clean-outs, Hardware and IT services and disaster recovery services.

Technology & Integration

Practice Management, Electronic Billing, On-Line Scheduling, Eligibility Verification, EMR, E-Prescribing, On-Line Patient Portal, Paperless office… These are some of the key technologies that practices will be expected to implement, but getting them to work with each other seamlessly and efficiently is another story altogether.

Ashron Billing utilizes the latest and best technological solutions available on the market today. Ashron Billing is ready to assist its clients with evaluating their needs and with the implementation of these technologies.

Some of the key pieces are:

  • Medical billing & on-Line scheduling
  • On-line eligibility verification
  • Electronic Medical Records
  • E-Prescribing Service (Integrated/Stand Alone)
  • On-Line communications between patients & doctors
  • Electronic Claims and Electronic Remittances (EOBs)
  • Document Management Solution


Every new client of Ashron Billing has seen significant increases in their income within a few short months after switching their billing to our company. Several clients have doubled their monthly income. Two of our clients have tripled their income. Practically all of our clients are very relieved they no longer have to hassle with their billing. Every client’s situation is different. Call us to schedule a free consultation and let us review your current billing and show you what we can do for you.

Personalized Service

Want to meet after hours? We’ve done that. How about 6:30 am before surgeries. We’ve done that too. Weekends? Yup, no problem either. We will work around your schedule to keep you efficient! We provide our executive staff’s cell phone numbers as well.

Customer Service

We are cordial, professional and prompt. We consider ourselves an extension of your office and thus treat your employees, staff and customers as if they were our own. Our professional staff will answer your patient’s calls and answer any billing questions they might have. We will continuously work with you and your staff to ensure an efficient and accurate flow of information thus providing timely billing, payment and claim resolutions.


Ashron Billing has a comprehensive HIPAA compliance program in place to help prevent fraud and abuse and to protect your patient’s private health information (PHI). In addition, we have a “Red Flag Rules” compliance program to help prevent Identity Theft. We also have a full time certified coder (CPC) on staff to deal with any coding issues.

Switching Over to Ashron Billing

Whether your switch was carefully planned in advance or a result of an emergency failure of the old billing solution, we make your conversion to our system as quick and seamless as possible to ensure uninterrupted cash flow. Contact Us

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Medical Billing Los Angeles
Medical Billing Los Angeles
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